Elastic Launches New Service on Microsoft Platform

Elastic is a globally known search company, it is known for its creation of software such as Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash), which are collectively known as the Elastic Stack. They also provide clients with usable data for managed and SaaS offerings, thereby enabling its use in cases such as security and analytic cases.

With a combined effort from the engineering teams of both Elastic and Microsoft firms, they have been able to produce a collaborative service for clients and users of the Azure Platform. They have carefully and strategically selected certain optimal VMs to support a variety of Elastic use cases with different performance profiles when running Elasticsearch Service on Azure.

“The developer and open source focus that both companies share has made this integration a very natural fit. Microsoft’s commitment to choice is evident in their developer experience on Microsoft Azure, and mirrors our own,” said Shay Banon, founder and CEO of Elastic.

Efforts from the combined engineering teams provided four major deployment templates that will aid the full utilization of ElasticSearch on the Azure platform, these templates are;

  • High memory capacity which helps to reduce data use to a cost effective level while still fully gaining access to search cases.
  • High CPU to enhance computer intensive processes.
  • Hot/ Warm which is an architectural model for effective logging in of cases and time series.
  • High I/O for general use cases.

According to Scott Guthrie, EVP of Cloud + AI, Microsoft Corp., “As customers adopt cloud services, having a solution for their most important needs such as search, logging, observability, and security of their critical applications, will be a key advantage. The focus on developer choice and managed services that both Microsoft and Elastic share benefit our mutual customers.”