Elastifile Reveals Improved API For its Cloud File Service

Elastifile, the very beginner of enterprise-grade, scalable file storage for the public cloud, today revealed improved support for API-based access to Elastifile Cloud File Service, the company’s fully-managed, scalable file storage service on Google Cloud.

The improved service API lets users totally  automate use of cloud file storage to enhance a wide range of workflows. These workflows include SAP infrastructure, electronic design automation (EDA), Kubernetes deployments, HPC processing and many more.

As enterprises continually integrate cloud resources, the workflows backing up critical business processes must grow to maximize the abilities of flexible, cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).

Effectively working with dynamic, interdependent cloud resources usually depends on the ability to work on complex tasks rapidly, in an efficient way, and without needing manual intervention.

Because of this, API-based automation has now become a crucial factor for cloud workflows to be highly productive. With enterprise file storage seen as a key element of cloud application infrastructure, related API-based storage management capabilities are essential to supply the needed workflow automation.

Through Elastifile’s improved service API, users now have the ability to programmatically control the deployment, management, as well as the scaling of Elastifile Cloud File Service. This will thus enable dynamic alignment of performance and storage capacity to meet the requirements of associated applications.

Additional functionality and features supported by Elastifile’s enhanced API include snapshots, access-control lists (ACLs), and enterprise high-availability qualities.

The improved API for Elastifile Cloud File Service goes on to compliment Elastifile’s robust portfolio of cloud-native data management technologies. This also includes support for automated container orchestration through Elastifile’s container storage interface (CSI) driver and automated data; tiering to object storage through Elastifile ClearTier.