Elcomsoft Cloud eXplorer Provides Forensic Access to Google Account Data

Image Attribution: Flickr

The IT forensics industry is relied upon to categorize the contents of hard drives for legal proceedings. With popular companies such as Google collecting data on their account holders, having access to all of the data a person has stored within their Google account could potentially help investigators solve a case, come to a settlement or settle some sort of disagreement.
When Google collects metadata about its users, it stores that data in its cloud. A Google account could potentially have more than just metadata. It could contain chat history from Google Hangouts, web browsing history as well as a user’s YouTube history.
With Elcomsoft Cloud eXplorer, forensic researches can simply login to a users Google account and rapidly gain all of the forensic information they need in order to take the next steps into their investigation. Elcomsoft says that it will retrieve the following items from a Google account:

  • Browsing history (across all devices including mobile)
  • Saved logins
  • Passwords
  • Contacts
  • Google Notes/Calendars
  • Hangouts
  • Gmail
  • Page Transitions
  • And much more

Elcomsoft Cloud eXplorer then takes all of this data and puts it into a readable format that is suitable for humans.
“Google collects and maintains massive amounts of information from registered customers using the many Google services from PCs and mobile devices. Normally, the information is scattered around the many services offered under the single sign-on roof of Google Account,” says Vladimir Katalov, CEO of Elcomsoft.
“Our tool pulls the data from all available sources, assembling available information in a single place. Just looking at the amount of data that is available is extremely impressive,” added Katalov.
The new Elcomsoft Cloud eXplorer software is best suited for investigators, police and data forensic engineers.
The price for this software is $1,995 and it supports all flavors of Windows desktop and Server operating systems. Elcomsoft has been providing quality forensic software for investigators, police, military and other agencies since 1990.