Electric Cloud and Arynga Team Up on IoT Connected Cars

Image Attribution: Flickr

You could consider one of the biggest technological advancements of our time to be the cloud connected car.
Electric Cloud and Arynga have partnered to bring Continuous Delivery solutions to vehicles using IoT and Cloud. Electric Cloud is known for their innovations within the DevOps field and their Continuous Delivery platform.
Arynga is an innovator of products that connect automobiles to the cloud. By partnering up on this joint venture, Electric Cloud will provide the Continuous Delivery platform while Arynga will continue to build out the technology that allows auto manufacturers to deliver intelligent vehicles to the masses.
Electric Cloud and Arynga’s solutions go hand-in-hand. Smart vehicles equipped with IoT sensors that report all kinds of helpful information to the owner will only help the owner make better decisions. For example, owners could obtain information on the fly concerning the required maintenance of their car.
With the new partnership, Arynga will implement its “Code-to-Car” platform while utilizing Electric Cloud’s technology that allows Arynga the ability to build, test and deploy new features for vehicles by reducing the building and testing phase by up to 20 times for what it previously took conduct these types of tests.
“Today’s software applications are being developed and deployed through Agile-based methods, and applications are being further accelerated via DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices,” mentions Walter Buga, CEO of Arynga.
“Partnering with Electric Cloud, the recognized leader in embedded software automation, will help our automotive customers adopt these practices and speed the deployment of updates and new features that are differentiating products in the marketplace,” adds Mr. Buga.
Arynga’s CarSync product gives automobiles the ability to upload and download information into the cloud on the fly. With Electric Cloud’s Continuous Delivery platform baked into CarSync, Arynga can now be enabled to provide robust solutions for the emerging IoT connected automobile market.