Electric Motor and Controller Solutions are About to Get Better as YASA Enters A Long-Term Partnership with Global Automotive Manufacturer

YASA, the globally renowned producer of axial-flux electric motors and controllers just announced their new deal with a global automotive OEM. The long-term agreement and partnership will be directed at manufacturing custom electric motor and controller solutions. These solutions are precisely for the OEM’s highly rated performance hybrid and pure electric vehicles.

YASA’s original innovation is the axial-flux electric motor and controller design. While this innovation of theirs offers amazing power and torque densities, they are still perfect for hybrid as well as pure electric vehicles applications. With this new partnership, YASA and the OEM will join forces; leveraging on YASA’s original innovation to work on vehicle’s efficiency while ensuring a drop in its weight.

Speaking about the partnership, YASA’s CEO, Chris Harris noted that the agreement forges a great relationship between one of the best automotive manufacturers in the world and YASA. He also spoke on how both companies made a good match, thanks to their mutual love and commitment to innovation. According to him, they are also bent on excelling in their current endeavor.

This is exciting news from YASA, considering the fact that the company announced a new 100,000 unit capacity series production facility in Oxford, UK. YASA is not only flourishing on the automotive scene, they are also giving attention to the booming electric aerospace market. Just last month, YASA announced a partnership with Rolls-Royce, a deal focused on providing electric motors to power an airplane. The airplane in question has been said to be the world’s fastest electric airplane and its launch has been scheduled for 2020.

Above all, with this partnership with an automotive manufacturer in focus, driving experiences are about to take an advanced and more exciting turn.