Ellucian and AWS Bring Cloud Apps to Higher Education

Image Attribution: Flickr

Ellucian has made its name by providing software for institutions of higher learning. Ellucian has just announced a strengthened partnership with AWS, which will provide cloud version of Ellucian’s most popular offerings by the end of 2016.
Ellucian provides an entire suite of software designed for educational institutions. Currently, over 2,400 college and universities use software by Ellucian. With Ellucian bringing much of its software to the Amazon cloud, educational organizations from around the world will be able to deploy Ellucian’s most popular titles in a scalable environment.
“Cloud technology is essential to delivering an exciting new modern student experience for our institutions to deliver on student success,” says Jeff Ray, the President and CEO of Ellucian.
“We are investing heavily in our strategic collaboration with AWS, a leading cloud infrastructure provider, to deliver a superior user experience for faculty, staff, and more than 18 million students within Ellucian’s growing higher education community,” Ray added.
Ellucian provides a robust CRM interface designed for school administrators. ERP is also available in the Amazon Cloud. Specific titles by Ellucian include:

  • Ellucian Recruiter
  • Ellucian Mobile
  • Ellucian Pilot
  • Ellucian Elevate
  • Ellucian eTranscripts
  • Banner® by Ellucian
  • Colleague® by Ellucian

Because of Ellucian’s commitment to AWS, learning organizations all around the world are now able to rapidly provision software that meets the critical demands of the education industry.
When school administrators use Ellucian’s cloud based products, schools can implement changes that potentially have the ability to impact the way student’s learn, study and dissect material on campus.
On the flip side, schools can crunch the numbers gained by Ellucian products to get critical intelligence on the state of the student body at the school. When schools use cloud, they get the ability to rapidly gain analytics in core areas in efforts to allow instructors to make the best possible decisions when dishing out information to students.