EMC Launches Mozy in the Cloud

EMC has released a new product line entitled Mozy which is designed to protect cloud data from end point to endpoint. This cloud software suite will give administrators the ability to deliver secure, confidential data in a manner that will not impact the day to day workflow. EMC has solved the problem of “Accidental Architecture.” The term describes the end result of users taking matters into their own hands and creating processes for moving data that may or may not be compliant. This sometimes happens inside of enterprises and fixing it often requires intervention from the information technology department.

Mozy solves these problems because the platform gives users the functionality they desire while providing administrators the level of security that is needed to pass internal and external audits. Mozy also has a built in component that assists with the challenges of backing up and provisioning devices. This scalable approach allows Mozy administrators to manage entire infrastructures from one clean, easy to use interface.
One the user interface side, Mozy provides a sync folder which allows all of the user’s devices to be able to access files inside of this folder securely. Mozy’s back up feature is streamlined so that the process takes less time and bandwidth to complete. API support is provided with this product so that it can be integrated into infrastructure you already manage.
If administrators already have the EMC Data Protection Suite, they already have the next-generation of Mozy. MozyEnterprise is the public cloud component of this suite. This expands the backup model already in place by EMC. Laptops, desktops and mobile devices can now use MozyEnterprise to back up their data into the cloud quickly and securely. EMC says that Mozy will be available in all markets by the end of 4th quarter of the year. More information regarding EMC’s Mozy is available at Mozy.com.