Empirix Announces the Launch of Hybrid Cloud Test Automation and RESTful API Capabilities

Empirix made an announcement today concerning the availability of hybrid cloud deployment functionality and RESTful APIs, which is for its Hammer Cloud Platform test automation and active monitoring solution.

Hybrid cloud gives users the enablement to minimize or even totally eliminate toll charges and to improve the reliability and quality of test calls with in-country monitoring and testing. Thanks to the Hammer Cloud Platform, organizations can build traffic from any combination of on premises, public or private cloud networks.

The capability to test internal and external dialing plans through several regions makes sure that test scenarios are authentic in relation to customer experiences.

Empirix’s most recent release also allows for third-party integration through RESTful APIs, letting customers integrate the Hammer test automation capability into their DevOps workflows as well as their dashboards.

These new capabilities make Hammer Cloud Platform perfect for contact center and enterprise network environments which want to stretch test coverage, decrease toll charges, demand for a flexible delivery model, enhance visibility into performance or lack available external trunking.

Empirix CEO John D’Anna said that several customers (if not all), are thinking of hybrid test models. They ensure a broad test coverage at a decreased cost and play out test scenarios which best mirror customer behavior, both of which are vital for building an entire test strategy and confirming customer experience.

Empirix supplies a holistic view of end-to-end user communications and behaviors through several networks. It was actually founded as Hammer Technologies in 1992 when it had its headquarters in Boston. Empirix’s clients are customer-centric, telecommunications operators and enterprises in various locations all over the world.