EmpowerLingua Uses Cloud to Transform Translation Services

Image Attribution: Flickr

When you begin building a business with an international reach, one of the challenges you will face is having to provide content, documents or other written text in a language native to your visitor. EmpowerLingua has successfully utilized the cloud to transform the translation business by streamlining the process in which translators use to communicate with their clients.
Using EmpowerLingua, businesses can embrace the 21st century way of translating written text. EmpowerLingua allows you to integrate your translation efforts into your existing content management system, so that recently translated texts are available rapidly for your end users. EmpowerLingua’s centralized management system can manage multiple language service providers, allowing translations to be cross checked while providing adequate sourcing for the project.
“Besides speed and security, a cloud based translation system also lets companies assume central control of a great number of jobs simultaneously so that they can maintain a consistent tone and lexicon across the board. You can monitor the development and progress of different translation projects with your PC or Smartphone,” says a recent EmpowerLingua press release.
“In certain industries, word use is so important that the meticulous attention to detail required in legal translation can prove costly. By using a cloud based translation memory you can save both time and money in real-time rather than after the event,” the release explained.
You could think of EmpowerLingua as a translation management software that’s designed to be simple and easy for businesses to embrace. That’s the beauty of EmpowerLingua’s cloud innovations; the company has taken something that is traditionally difficult and cumbersome and made the process simple, informative and trustworthy. EmpowerLingua could transform the way the whole industry does business by becoming one of the first businesses to launch an online translation software as a service.