Enercamp To Release A New AI Powered Innovative Product

A 2017 startup in the field of smart battery, Enercamp has, for the past two years, been very consistent in its sales on Amazon prime events and it has also gained good visibility good market share as a jump starter power bank (Jump& Go) utilized by discharged vehicles in South Korea.

The new product to be introduced by Enercamp is a smart battery product known as the Enercamp E1. This product combines the use of Artificial Intelligence and also the Internet of Things as its major tools for functions. By using these tools, Enercamp E1 has enhanced communication modules that is effective in moving smart batteries to a wider market; which is one of their aims scheduled for October 2019.

Using a portable ESS, the product will deliver easily accessible smart energy for use by its client. The smart IoT energy is one that is highly functional for a classified group of people who would like to have a quick supply of power, especially for cases of emergency and also in closed- loop communication among a specialized set of people.

The use of this Enercamp E1 portable ESS (known as Energy Storage System) can be fully maximized in different environment such as homes, offices and also outdoors; for both leisure and work. As a result of its AI embedded tool, the device can perform some functions by itself such as learning and storage of user’s information. It is also an eco- friendly product as it can be fully charged by solar energy.

Asides these, the device also has various other tools such as WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, GPS and other communication tools like that, making the product one that can be a medium for communication in areas with no external communication and internet.

As a result, Enercamp keeps proving itself that it is fully here to stay.