Enterprises can get 100 Petabytes Free from Google Nearline

Image Attribution: Flickr

Earlier this year, CloudWedge told you about the Google Nearline offering. With Google Nearline, organizations can store their archived data in the cloud at a lower cost when compared to traditional cloud storage.
When storing archived data in the cloud, the idea is that an organization won’t likely need to access this data on a regular basis. Google Nearline facilitates this type of storage at a cost of one center per 1GB each month.
Google says that Nearline has a faster retrieval speed than competing solutions, making Google Nearline stand out among the crowd. On other cloud based archive services, data retrieval can take hours or even days. With Google Nearline, organizations can gain access to their archived data in an on demand fashion.
In order to win over the archiving business of organizations worldwide, Google Nearline affords enterprises the ability to claim up to 100 Petabytes of Nearline storage for up 6 months. If you do the math, 100 Petabytes is equal to $1M per month in service credits.
While most organizations won’t use that much storage, it’s almost guaranteed that if an organization utilizes the free trial period of Google Nearline, they’ll likely stay with the service instead of electing to move their data to another provider after provisional period is complete.
One of the unique features concerning Google Nearline is the ability to get on-demand I/O for your archived data. On demand I/O allows organizations to gain faster access to their data by increasing Nearline’s performance over the standard 4MB per second I/O speed. On demand I/O is currently being offered for free for the first 3 months of service.
Google Nearline has come out of beta and is ready for primetime. Google has doubled the amount of Nearline partners in its fold with trusted providers such as Veritas, Symantec, NetApp and Iron Mountain.
Learn more about Google Nearline’s free 100 Petabyte offer by visiting the Nearline website.