Entrada Releases Cloud Platform for Healthcare Collaboration

Image Attribution: Flickr

Entrada’s new cloud portal gives healthcare staff a way to collaborate more efficiently in the office and take charge of documents and workflows.
In addition, Entrada has added a secure messaging feature, which allows doctors, nurses and others to send secured correspondence to vendors, administrators, etc.
Entrada, a Nashville, TN based company, has created a web portal that is accessible from any web browser. In the portal, healthcare professional can access all of the features and functionalities of Entrada.
“This is a new capability that our customers will love,” said Rob Trumble, the CEO of Entrada.
“The Entrada Cloud Portal has an elegant user interface with advanced, yet easy-to-use, tools for managing documentation. Staff and administrators can quickly ensure that important patient notes are swiftly and accurately added to the electronic health record. And since the Entrada Cloud Portal is integrated with Entrada’s secure messaging, the clinical staff can choose their preferred device – whether desktop or mobile – when collaborating on patient care,” says Trumble.
Entrada is the whole enchilada when talking about healthcare platforms. One of the best features found in Entrada is its ability to rapidly share text, audio, clinical data or medical imaging with other staff members.
Entrada also has a mobile app for iOS and Android, meaning doctors, nurses and support staff with a tablet can securely collaborate with each other if needed.
Entrada’s real time reporting mechanism helps healthcare staff get a real time pulse on their office’s workflow.
With Entrada’s collaborative productivity platform, healthcare providers can streamline their day to day documentation tasks by putting them in the cloud and allowing only privileged staff members the ability to access the data they need in order to do their jobs.