Entrust Datacard Set to Acquire nCipher, Market-leading General Purpose Hardware Security Module for Thales

Entrust Datacard, a leading supplier of secure issuance and trusted identity technology solutions just announced the company’s signing of a definitive agreement to own Thales’ market-leading General Purpose Hardware Security Module (GP HSM) business, nCipher Security, which has been in operation as an independent business in Thales since January this year.

Thales is ridding itself of nCipher, its GP HSM business in line with the regulatory clearances required to finish up Thales’ rapidly approaching acquisition of Gemalto (as previously announced), and to allow for a highly competitive market leader in the HSM market.

General Purpose HSMs are greatly embedded in Entrust Datacard’s solutions and remains a necessary part of the security infrastructure of the company’s secure socket layer (SSL) and public key infrastructure (PKI) offerings.

This acquisition is not only a medium for the company to further show its ability to meet the demands of customers for data security (that stems from standard regulations as EU General Data Protection and trust services Regulation), but also showcases its ability to provide solutions that meet the requirement for high assurance use cases. The acquisition also strengthens the portfolio of the company, and secures identities, clouds and hybrid networks from cyber-attacks.

It also gives a tested and trusted platform that can make the security of applications better and more focused on digital initiatives. This is apparently a powerful and complementary synergy which allows for the combination of the technology solutions from two strong companies, merged into one, for a ruling by one.

The CEO of nCipher confirmed that they are happy to be joining Entrust Datacard as the aim is focused on the satisfaction of customers, more than anything else. Plans that have been put in place include innovations as IoT, mobility and cloud channeled to grow business and prevent cyber-risks.