Equinix Buys Bit-isle to Expand Data Centers in APAC Region

Image Attribution: Flickr

Equinix has just announced that they have moved forward with a deal that will buy out the popular Japan based data center provider, Bit-isle. Equinix has moved forward with the $280M deal in order secure additional data center space in Toyko. The deal still has a few contingencies that must be met but sources such as CBS MarketWatch seem to think the deal is sealed.
The move comes as Equinix has been looking for ways to expand its global influence. CloudWedge recently reported on Equinix’s investment in the first transatlantic undersea cabling being constructed in almost 15 years. Although this cabling will stretch from New York to the United Kingdom, it shows serious Equinix has become in terms of vying for the top spot among worldwide data center providers.
In terms of Equinix’s deal with Bit-isle, Equinix looks to gain a foothold on the APAC (Asian Pacific) region by acquiring the popular cloud datacenter provider. In fact, Equinix believes that Bit-isle will help Equinix provide local expertise for businesses that need cloud, offsite data center colocation services and more.
By acquiring Bit-isle, Equinix instantly becomes the 4th largest data center provider in Japan. Equinix says that with the acquisition of Bit-isle, Equinix will be the new providers of data center services to about 1 in 4 Japanese businesses. At the end of 2016, Equinix will have 10 data centers in Tokyo and 2 datacenters in Osaka.
“With the acquisition of Bit-isle, Equinix will be in a strong position to attract Japanese enterprises. Both Equinix and Bit-isle have the same vision for cloud computing, and Bit-isle’s five data centers are in the best locations in Tokyo. The company’s strong local leadership, business and network operations teams will greatly enhance our strength in this important market and we look forward to bringing them into the Equinix family,” says Steve Smith, President and CEO of Equinix.