Equinor Submits Proposal to Provide Renewable Energy Available from Empire Project for New York

On the 14th of February 2019, Equinor Wind US tendered their proposal to supply the state of New York with a great deal of renewable energy on a long term basis. The company hopes to become the state’s provider of renewable energy with its source from its Empire Wind lease site.

The company made the site theirs in December 2016, based on a lease in federal auction. The land is about 80,000 acres and is located precisely between 14 and 35 miles south of Long Island in the New York Bight. Its potential capacity is about 2GW worth of renewable power.

This site is located offshore New Jersey as well as New York. The fact that a site exists offshore New York makes it possible for the company to meet the needs of the 800MW New York State Wind Power Procurement. The company has smartly chosen to take advantage of this opportunity, which happens to be the very first solicitation of the state with its target towards the up and coming U.S offshore wind industry.

The state would announce its official supplier later on this spring and everyone in the tech space looks forward to seeing if Equinor will get the gig, as this bid is a major milestone for the company’s very first US offshore windsite.

The company has made several confident statements of how they are sure of the fact that their company can make New York’s renewable energy goals become fulfilled.

New York’s commitment to the use of renewable energy is quite admirable. The energy and wind offshore conditions in the offshore location of the state are excellent. This makes New York the perfect state to have these renewable energy goals come to fruition. Even though the wind offshore industry is a new one in the U.S as a whole, it is sure to thrive in the state, thanks to these advantages.

Equinor has a great portfolio, which draws attention to the company, amongst several others that have submitted their bid for New York’s project. It has a solid portfolio in the renewable energy industry, especially dealing with offshore wind. Equinor supplies power to over 1 million homes in Europe using renewable wind power stemming from about five projects in Germany and the United Kingdom. In 2017, the company also launched the world’s first ever floating offshore wind farm, off Scotland’s coast. The company is also spreading its tentacles to several others countries. These countries include—Poland, in offshore wind; Brazil and Argentina in solar energy.

Equinor has done a great work already, bringing the Empire Wind lease site to the offshore location of New York. The company has also made great efforts in terms of getting information concerning the seabed conditions, the wind resources, and the grid connection options. These efforts have been consistently made for the past two years and as everyone awaits the announcement of New York’s supply, Equinor has definitely won a great spot in the mind of many tech-savvy individuals.