eRack Announces ½ Petabyte Network Attached Storage for Private Cloud

Image Attribution: Flickr

If your private cloud is in desperate need of a new network attached storage device, eRack may have the solution for you. eRack, a company based in Fremont, CA, has just announced that its newest offering is a 500 Terabyte network attached storage device (NAS) that is designed for cloud data centers.
The new NAS device will contain 50 10TB HGST hard drives. Officially dubbed the NAS50, eRack has announced they are currently accepting preorders on the new data center storage device. Although eRack’s newest NAS contains 50 hard drives, the storage device was built to only consume 9Us on your rack.
Organizations that collocate their private cloud could simply have the new NAS50 device delivered into their data center and have the device mounted and networked in order to gain access to the robust storage system. eRack mentions that the ½ petabyte of storage could be pivotal to organizations within the media industry.
Theoretically, you could put 4 of these 9u devices within 1 standard 42u data center rack. This could enable your organization the ability to gain 2 petabytes of storage while still having room for your UPS, switches, firewalls, etc. Because of this condensed design, organizations can know that they are getting an economically tailored NAS solution that was built with power consumption and space saving measures in mind.
“A ‘green’ Big Data / Private Cloud system like this is the ultimate tool that any business out there should consider, as it will not only reduce power consumption by typically 27%, but also offer 20% greater storage capacity,” says eRacks founder and CTO Joseph Wolff. He went onto add, “Brings watts-per-petabyte efficiency to a completely new level!”
In the press release, the CTO goes on to further emphasize that the NAS50 allows “Businesses of all sizes to go green.”