Euromonitor’s Via Allows for Intelligent Pricing

ECommerce has changed how businesses do pricing. Euromonitor, a provider for business intelligence that spans across the world, has found that companies need to have real-time information about pricing to ensure they get the most value for their products. To meet this need, the company has developed a pricing platform that they dub Via to allow for businesses to get easy access to pricing information. Utilizing their extensive network and incorporating elements of artificial intelligence into the platform, Eurovision intends to offer a service that can help businesses understand the demand for their products globally.

A Reputation for Innovation

Euromonitor is not a household name, but its advances in the study of consumer insight, market analysis, and business intelligence are well-known in the industry. The company has been involved in research to help companies figure out what decisions they should make regarding their supply chains and operations. The data Euromonitor produces utilizes artificial intelligence to generate reports that businesses across the globe can use. Now, Euromonitor is looking at a more wide-ranging application of their data by the development of Via. By using that data but providing a simpler way to get access to it, the company hopes that retailers become more aware of the pricing for their products.

An Advancement in Pricing Technology

Via itself is based on a simple premise – to provide up-to-date pricing information around the world to its subscribers. It’s Euromonitor’s first move into providing tactical data to consumers. Reports that the company produces are useful, but in the fast-paced business world of today, companies need that data much quicker. Euromonitor hopes that Via will be the solution that businesses adopt to help them keep their fingers on the pulse of pricing for their niche. The company contends that companies can’t make adequately informed decisions unless they have the latest information, and Via provides a vehicle for obtaining that information in real-time.