Evernote Adds Plus Tier; a New Plan Between Free and Premium

Image Attribution: Flickr

The popular cloud based note taking app Evernote has just announced new pricing changes to its existing plans, while adding a new middle tiered plan that is designed to engage more users to try to the paid service. In the past, Evernote only provided the free Evernote basic and the paid Evernote premium plans. Evernote’s latest approach to the freemium model aims to provide a tier for more advanced user who may not want to commit to the premium package.
The newest tier is called Evernote Plus. With Plus, users are charged $2.99 per month or $24.99 per year. With Evernote Plus, users will be able to get 1GB of monthly uploads into Evernote as well as offline access to your notes. The Plus plan provides a password lock feature, as well as an automatic conversion tool for your email account that ports all of your emails into Evernote.
When compared with Evernote Premium, it’s clear that Evernote Plus is a stepping stone to the unlimited upload functionality of the Evernote Premium plan. Evernote Premium has added new features and functionalities such as larger individual note sizes and an enhanced dashboard that allows you have all of your resources in one place.
Evernote still has its free Basic tier. Not much has changed with the Basic tier as it is designed to help get users acclimated to the note taking software. Evernote says that it encourages users to grow, learn and explore while they are in the Basic tier, so that they can get maximum functionality out of the plus tier. Once users have conquered the plus tier, they can choose to upgrade their plan to the Evernote Premium tier. Evernote Premium costs $5.99 per month or $49.99 per year.
Andrew Sinkov, VP of Marketing at Evernote, wrote on the Evernote blog saying, “Over the past several months we’ve taken everything we’ve learned over the years and applied rigorous research to get our paid offering right. The process was eye-opening. As it turns out, there were three things users want: a basic level, a lower-price tier, and a tier with unlimited uploads. Today, you get it all.”