Evernote Finds Finland lagging in Cloud Adaptation

What do the Fins have against the cloud? The surprising results from a study conducted by Evernote shows that Finland’s professional population has largely shied away from using public cloud services. The Fins traditionally take information security very seriously so it is not surprising that the Fins would not take a risk based on its perceived threat level. Workplace regulations, firewall settings and a plethora of other things could be prohibiting Finland’s worker population from utilizing these services as well.

The data compiled by Evernote shows that 2 out of 3 Finnish workers use cloud services in the workplace. This may seem consistent with global standards but the surprising fact is that only about 45% of Finnish workers have received expressed consent to actually use public cloud services. Evernote’s research suggest that many Fins have free reign on whether or not they decide to use cloud services with many of the users opting not to do so. However the same data also says of the people surveyed, Evernote found that 43% of organizations that employ over 100 people actually have official bans on public cloud services.

Evernote took their data metrics even further in efforts to get a real grasp on the Fin’s cloud jitters. In Evernote’s research, they have found that if you are a younger person, you may have more access to cloud services. The exact data says that 25-29 years olds utilize the cloud at a rate of 36% whereas 30-39 year olds use the cloud at a rate of 22%. The rate drops even further when 40-45 year olds are queried. The survey found that this age group utilized the least at 14%. This phenomenon of cloud reluctance means that Northern European countries like Finland have some catching up to do with the rest of the world in terms of cloud adaptation.