Evident.io Launches Pricing Plan for Startups & SMBs to Boost AWS Security

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Start-ups and SMBs have unique challenges securing their businesses from cyber attacks and preventing data breaches, as evidenced by the recent hacks of several well-known companies. TodayEvident.io announced the Evident Security Platform (ESP) Starter Plan.
The ESP Starter Plan provides a more affordable package to enable continuous monitoring and industry-leading security best practices to protect AWS cloud infrastructure from cyber attacks and data breaches. With the new pricing options, this same level of cloud infrastructure security will be available to a wider array of customers looking to accelerate the growth of their businesses securely on AWS.
More companies are adopting AWS to take advantage of the benefits of the public cloud, but smaller companies and tech start-ups often struggle to properly secure their IT and app delivery infrastructures due to limited budgets and personnel with security training.
Workloads are increasingly moving to the cloud, and startups and small businesses are especially likely to use cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) because of the flexibility and lower costs. This trend makes cloud infrastructure security more important than ever, not only for preventing attacks, but also for regulatory compliance. After all, confidential customer data is only as safe as the weakest link in the chain of custody. Start-ups serving customers in traditionally regulated industries like healthcare and financial services are increasingly being audited and required to prove their ability to secure their services, securely handle customer data, and maintain compliance with regulatory frameworks like HIPPA, PCI, and SOX. A solution like Evident.io helps these companies to get and stay compliant and reduces the time and resources required to prepare audit and compliance reports.
The rise of cloud computing has enabled small businesses to grow and thrive with affordable cloud infrastructure and powerful cloud-based tools, but its also created unprecedented security threats, said Adrian Sanabria, an analyst with 451 Research following the cloud security market closely.It is commonplace now forstartups to run thousands of servers in the cloud before they even acquire an coffee maker for the office, much less security expertise.The biggest risk with cloud infrastructure, especially forcloud-first’ businesses, is the management plane. Evident.io is an innovator in the cloud security market, because while most vendors are simply selling slightly modified versions of traditional security software for the cloud, Evidents ESP platform is one of the only products on the market focused on protecting and monitoring the console used to manage cloud resources. Evident.io is ideally suited to be a leading solution for small businesses in this space, and these new pricing plans reflect this leadership position.
The new ESP Starter Plan is priced at $199/month, less than 60% of the previous entry-level plan. To learn more about the new plans go to:www.evident.io/pricing. To read the full press release, click here:http://www2.marketwire.com/mw/release_html_b1?release_id=1203362
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