Exalt Wireless Shatters World Record for Microwave Link Distance

Image Attribution: Centralcomwireless.com

Most organizations use traditional Wi-Fi or Ethernet in order to establish a connection network connectivity.
Exalt Wireless is redefining the methods in which network access is delivered to organizations. Exalt Wireless has become synonymous with next-generation wireless connectivity products.
Exalt’s new product, the ExploreAir LR 7 GHz Microwave system, was recently used to conduct a test that may have broken a world record for wireless network connectivity.
Exalt claims that its ExploreAir LR 7GHz Microwave System achieved a connection with an access point that was located 235 kilometers (About 146 miles) away.
To make this feat even more impressive, Exalt Wireless conducted this test over water. The test started on a small island in the Mediterranean Sea and the ExploreAir LR 7GHz Microwave System was able to establish a connection with an access point setup in Lebanon.
“We have said all along that our microwave systems deliver the highest performance and reliability, and this deployment proves it,” mentions Amir Zoufonoun, CEO and founder of Exalt Wireless.
“We believe that the previous distance record was 225 kilometers, and that was over land, using dual radios at each end of the link. Our deployment uses just one radio at each end of the link and we link over water, which creates significant transmission problems for ordinary microwave radios,” Zoufonoun went on to say.
Although Exalt Wireless’s Microwave based network connectivity technology is still in its early stages, the company has managed to gain a significant portion of the market share by acquiring over 2,000 customers since the company has went to market.
The ExploreAir LR 7 GHz Microwave system can produce signals up to 1Gbps, making robust long-distance wireless connections a reality.
How does this mesh with cloud infrastructure? Think about services such as Express Route, which gives businesses direct connectivity to cloud services.
Could Exalt Wireless’s technology be used to eventually provide direct wireless connections to cloud data centers all around the world? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.