Expansion Of Audiens’ Partnerships Will Help Increase Their Technology Service Platform

According to comments from the CEO of Audiens, Marko Maras, “Audiens has always invested in data portability. Our goal is to provide the simplest solution for organizing and segmenting customer data from any source, allowing it to be quickly and cost effectively activated on all the popular marketing channels. Welcoming Mailchimp and Adjust to our platform significantly improves the performance of our customers campaigns and further reduces their acquisition costs”.

Audiens is a global leading  organization that is focused  data management services. The company, which was founded in 2015 and has branches in a number of countries around the world, is a true Customer Data Platform (CDP) that was simply designed to be effectively used by the marketing team and as such does not require any special IT expertise to function. By creating a unified interaction platform understanding for clients, especially with websites, mobile apps, CRM, in-store and point of sale (POS),  the Audiens CDP allows customers to be intelligently grouped into advanced audiences and automatically published to all the popular digital customer acquisition channels, social networks, communications tools, marketing platform and advertising networks.

Audiens also help customers to reduce acquisition costs, grow customer engagement and supercharge marketing success by delivering accurate benefits with precise control, enabling audiences to be used privately, shared with specific partners or monetized with approved advertisers.

Through this partnership with Mailchimp, Audiens hopes to utilize their advertising channels in ensuring that a more effective means of communication is derived for brands with their omni- channel communication. This, it also hopes to achieve by incorporating Adjust in- tracking services, together with creating a stronger means of mobile measurement, fraud prevention and cybersecurity, and also simplifying the transfer of in-app events into the Audiens platform.