What to Expect From Cloud Computing in 2014

There have been several articles penned about what to expect in 2014 in regards to Cloud Computing. Several years ago, cloud computing was touted as a fad or a fringe method of consolidating computing power. Now that we know that cloud computing is the future of the industry, it is important to reflect on how the industry will most likely change for the better in the future.

In 2014, you should expect a multitude of cloud software companies to rise and fall. That is not to say that the market for cloud computing software is soft or limited. Cloud computing will explode in 2014 and the best way for the larger companies to keep up the smaller, more nimbler cloud companies is to buy them out. With that said, you will probably see a lot of new vendors with Web 2.0 types of names sprout up out of nowhere. Some of them will do really well, others will fail and the rest will likely be acquired by a well-known information technology enterprise that sees the start up as a threat.
Since software companies will be on the uptick, software developers will see an uptick in job creation as well. Since their jobs will involve large software suites, it is possible that software developers will receive a pay increase due to the increased workload which will be asked of them. Since software companies and software developers will be in high demand in 2014, we expect there to be more colleges and universities to offer learning programs centered around cloud computing.
All of this forward momentum for the cloud is positive news for information technology world. Traditional hardware vendors will be hurt the most during this shift. Considering much of what we do will use computing power from the cloud, traditional computer hardware sales will continue to decline. Expect tablet and mobile computer sales to skyrocket in 2014 as the cloud market will continue to gain monetary investments and intellectual capital from top-tier computing firms.