F5: 81% of Businesses Moving Towards Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

F5 Networks has released its much anticipated “State of Application Delivery” survey. This is the 2nd annual version of this popular survey, which provides feedback from over 3,000 of F5’s customers worldwide.
The report provides deep analysis into how businesses are delivering applications securely to end users. The survey also touches on hybrid cloud, software defined networking and how DevOps are revolutionizing the IT industry.
A few of the key findings of the State of Application Delivery survey are:

  • Over 50% of respondents say that they must deploy 10 or more application services to end users.
  • Respondents noted that slow, unresponsive or unsecured applications provides a negative impact to the organization’s bottom line.
  • Hybrid Cloud is becoming the new normal, with 81% of respondents saying that it offers flexibility and cost savings for small to medium sized enterprises.
  • DevOps will play a huge factor in application delivery, given the fact SDN and automation will allow organizations to rapidly deploy sophisticated application infrastructures

“Applications are vital to business success. Used by every employee, applications contribute to greater efficiency, lower costs, and increased margins,” say Karl Triebes, CTO of F5 Networks.
“Without the correct services to support applications, they won’t be available, secure, or fast enough to meet companies’ needs. The results of this year’s State of Application Delivery survey offer valuable insights into how customers are managing and implementing their application services within dynamic and complex IT environments,” Triebes added.
F5 Networks plans to have a live panel discussion concerning its 2nd Annual State of Application Delivery survey on January 28th 2016.