F5 Finishes Acquisition of Shape Technologies

In December of 2019, F5 announced that they intended to acquire Shape, a provider of abuse prevention and online fraud. Today, F5 confirmed that they completed the process, and Shape was now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. With this acquisition, F5 adds protection against targeted fraud, botnets, and automated attacks to its application suite. Customers of F5 benefit from having a security system that has demonstrated its usefulness by being able to prevent over one billion attempts per day through their anti-fraud tech and cloud-based AI analytics engine.

F5 Adds More to Its Client Offering

F5 has been a partner to many companies looking to provide software from “code to customer” by helping those companies streamline their production and distribution of software. The company has partnered with a wide range of organizations in the past, ranging from consumer brands to service providers. They aim to provide a system that their customers can consistently deliver a great user experience to the end-users. The acquisition of Shape adds to this dedication and increases the company’s ability to deal with future threats through the AI analytics engine developed by Shape.

End-to-End Application Security

Shape’s acquisition by F5 represents a chance to implement end-to-end security that helps to secure client code from creation through to the customer. The result is that the clients get the full experience the developers intended without having to worry about potential security issues leading to diminished user experience. With applications security being an ongoing arms race between software manufacturers and malicious users, Shape’s addition to F5’s roster creates future-proofing to their security systems. The improvements that an AI, cloud-based analytics engine offers to F5’s clients in terms of rapid response to threats remain one of the most critical aspects of this acquisition. In the future, F5’s clientele may benefit immensely from the improved protection coverage.