Fairway Technologies Gets Acquired by Accenture

This new acquisition deal between the two organizations will be quite beneficial to their old and prospective clients, as it will help them with the full utilization of their platform, specifically the Accenture Product and Platform Engineering Services division. Through the scaling and enhancement of their digital platforms, new business models and revenue streams will be introduced.

Fairway Technologies is a U.S based firm that is known for its providing engineering services to clients. The organization has over 80 professionals working out of offices located in various parts of the US. According to Brett Humphrey, the CEO of Fairway Technologies, “joining Accenture will enable us to continue our strategy of delivering premium engineering services, now on a broader scale. With digital platforms becoming a foundation for organizations to create new products and services, Accenture Product and Platform Engineering Services Practice and Fairway Technologies will work together to help companies disrupt and build competitive advantage in the platform economy.”

Accenture is a leading global organization which focuses on providing its clients with professional services in various aspects such as consulting, strategy, technology, operations and digital aspects. They employ over 450,000 personnel located in 120+ countries, working to fully integrate business and technology for their clients. Accenture is known for utilizing technology to improve people’s way and mode of living.

The new acquisition of Fairway Technology will help Accenture to further implement their major goal, which is to make platform technology a full reality for their clients in this digital era through the right level of engagement and interaction with clients on this platform.