Family Tech Summit Planned for CES 2016

Image Attribution: Flickr

When your family becomes ingrained into cloud culture, how can you know that your kids are using their smart devices responsibly?
The 2016 edition of the popular Consumer Electronics Show is happening in Las Vegas from January 6th to the 9th.
With the rapid evolution of cloud, IoT and intelligent services custom tailored for your family, determining a strategy that helps your family solve the simple problems in life can certainly ensure that your family is making the best use of its technology.
The Living in Digital Times Family Tech Summit will be held at CES 2016. The one day event will occur on January 7th and the event will feature some of the most prominent names in technology used by your family. Some of the guests scheduled to speak are:

  • Jenna Blaha, Technology Editor of Marie Claire
  • David Pogue – Founder of Yahoo Tech
  • Antigone Davis – Head of Global Safety, Facebook
  • Xavier Lopez, President of KidZania

“A new generation of parents depend on technology to do everything from keeping tabs on their families to grocery shopping, from doing the laundry to planning the vacation,” says Robin Raskin, the founder of Living in Digital Times.
“Not only do they use tech, they help define the next generation of it by staying in touch with the brands they value,” Raskin added.
The top brands associated with the family tech sector are Whirlpool, the Perfect Company, Blue Spark Technologies and SteamCC. Each of these companies will have an exhibit available at CES 2016.
Attendants of this conference will gain the skills of being able to harness all of the technology in your home. By simultaneously being able to get the best bang for your buck while setting proper safeguards, your family can stay on the cutting edge of technology while remaining safe and secure in the ever changing digital world.
If you are interested in attending the Family Tech Summit at CES 2016, you can register at the CES official website by clicking here.