How Fast is your Public Cloud Provider?

Recent tests conducted by InfoWorld compare speed analytics between the big three public cloud providers. Google, Amazon and Windows Azure were all put to the test and the results are finally in.
When you sign up for these services, you are often promised exactly what you get. You will be able to spin up virtual machines in the cloud in just a few minutes with any OS that your organization currently uses. If you are already hosting services in the cloud, you may have a need for speed that can give your organization more of an edge than it already has.
What analytics did this report look at? The tester used DaCapo benchmarks which essentially runs a few standard java applications that taxes the key components of a virtual machine. The key components consisted of disk latency, network latency and RAM. The analytics provided in the report give reader an idea of what they can expect when they decide to join one of the big 3 services.
Which provider was fastest overall? The report concluded that Google Cloud Compute was the fastest overall. The data used to determine this is simple. Using all of the applications in the DaCapo benchmarks, it would found that Google cloud compute completed the operations in 575 seconds. Amazon finished 2nd with a time of 719 seconds and Azure was third in the test with a total of 834 seconds needed to complete the operations.
The 7 page report compares and contrasts all of the big three cloud services on a more granular level. The report talks about speed vs. cost as well as other factors you may consider when trying implement a public cloud infrastructure. It will be interesting to see how each of the big three responds to these independent tests or if they ever decide to respond with case studies or white papers at all.