Feeling Cloudy? .Cloud Domain Names Now Available to the Public

Image Attribution: Cloud.it

Cloud businesses all around the world have waited for the day and it’s finally here. Domain names are now able to registered with the .Cloud domain name extension.
The .Cloud domain extension is perfect for the cloud startup that wishes to differentiate itself from the .COMs and .NETs of the world.
Apps, established products, IoT and cloud specialty products can also gain buzz by using the .Cloud domain extension.
Over 70 registrars are currently offering the .Cloud extension, including popular vendors such as GoDaddy, Domain.com and others.
Registrars have setup a special .Cloud portal called WorldOf.Cloud which discusses what it happening with the .Cloud domain name.
The website mentions that is it is dedicated to providing visitors with helpful info surrounding the .Cloud domain name. The website uses the catch phrase: “Rise above the crowd.”
Worldof.Cloud goes on to list several pioneers of the .Cloud domain extension. Companies such as Black Knight Solutions, Fashion Cloud, Unigeocloud, Weebly and others have been listed as early adopters.
Worldof.Cloud goes on to mention that the .Cloud domain extension will be a topic at the following conferences:

  • WHD.Global – March 14th-17th in Rust, Germany
  • ICANN GDD Summit – May 16th-19th in Amsterdam, Netherlands

What do early adopters think about the new .Cloud domain name?
The creators of Fashion Cloud, which has the domain name Fashion.Cloud, were quoted in a blog post as saying:
“Since our product is officially named FASHION CLOUD, Fashion.Cloud is the perfect for us and the one we have been waiting for!  Being a very young startup company that just launched its first product, this domain is a wonderful starting point for us. We are absolutely sure our customers will understand and like this play on words.”
What do you think about the .Cloud domain name extension?
Could you see yourself starting up a website with the .Cloud extension? Would you ever buy from a vendor that has a .Cloud domain name?
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