The Feminist Cloud-volution

Though much is written about the notoriously male dominated field of Hi-Tech, the tide seems to be making its way to a complete turnaround. With the boom of companies shifting to cloud technologies, the old stereotype of women clawing at each other for the few designated places for women at the top could not be further from the truth. With the new opportunities that have been made available with cloud, women have finally found a way to fight back with full force by fighting together. Pamela Goldberg , CEO of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, is spot on when she says, “the tech sector works on collaboration and teams working together, and women tend to thrive in those environments. So, more and more women are being drawn to those kinds of jobs.”

CloudNOW is a perfect illustration of this shifting zeitgeist. CloudNOW is a non-profit consortium of the leading women in cloud computing working together for the professional development of women in the field of technology at both peer and mentor levels.

With Cloud technology booming at the forefront of Hi-Tech for the foreseeable future, a new opportunity has arisen for women to be a part of history from the early stages of the tide, and shape the face of Cloud technology from now until its full adoption.  It will also be interesting to follow how, if at all, this will impact women in Hi-tech overall or if cloud computing will become the proverbial “kitchen” of Hi-tech.

With organizations such as CloudNow providing such a strong networks of influential women working together to groom the next generation of leaders, as well as support each other through the field of cloud technology, it is not such a stretch to imagine women at the forefront of the next wave of the cloud-volution.