FileChat Launches to Make Cloud Storage More Social

Image Attribution: Flickr

FileChat was founded with the simple idea of making cloud storage more social. Since ordinary consumers and organizations are consuming cloud storage at a rapid rate, the founders of FileChat thought that the traditional social elements of popular cloud file sharing platforms were lacking. Through this realization, FileChat was born.
Within FileChat, users can like and vote on shared files found in a Google Drive or DropBox account. Advanced collaboration features are available allowing users to make comments and participate in real time conversations about a specific file hosted in the cloud.  FileChat says that other platforms such as OneDrive, Box and Amazon Cloud Drive will soon gain support within upcoming releases of the new FileChat app.
“Proven cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive and Dropbox need an easy and common way to make collaboration and messaging more effective for businesses and consumers alike,” mentions Alberto Escarlate, CEO of FileChat.
“The new FileChat application gives users complete control over their cloud and will usher in a new way of managing documents and files and discussing them in one single user-friendly platform,” added Escarlate.
Within the FileChat app, users can be alerted each time an update or event happens within that person’s FileChat network. The FileChat app helps users stay engaged on their projects, documents and tasks. By removing the extra element of having to send an email, make a phone call or login to another portal, FileChat streamlines all of this by introducing a social aspect directly from the cloud storage location itself.
FileChat has locked down $3M in funding from private sources to help support the continued development of the platform. FileChat is based in New York yet the company was founded in Paris, France in 2013. The press release highlighting the latest release of FileChat says that company was founded by entrepreneurs who wanted to redefine the methods used to communicate and collaborate in the cloud.