Launches Automatic Mechanic

Automatic mechanic is a web app launched by that goes a step further than most services that provide real time data based on your Amazon cloud. will attempt to fix problems that arise based on some simple parameters you set when configuring the mechanic.’s website dubs its product as “Event-driven Automation.”’s solution only takes about 60 seconds to setup. While cloud administrators have a plethora of tools at their disposal that report system status and state, goes a step beyond that and implements a fix on asking you questions about your environment in the form of a MadLib. What good are simple reporting tools if administrators are still being reactive when problems arise? What happens when the cloud administrator is not immediately available to fix a problem that could impact an entire production environment? has pounced on this opportunity to provide autonomous fixes based on predefined parameters. For example, if you were to say X resource reaches Y threshold, you could automatically enact this list of solutions.
For now, has focused its energy on fixing RDS relational database services as well as the DynamoDB non-relational database service. Being able to automatically fix these services ensures that your database driven applications are always available and that database blocking is not occurring. Services that are consuming more cloud resources than you had originally budgeted for can become costly and inefficient.’s solution is designed to sit on top of your Amazon cloud, however the founders of say that they wish to expand their automatic mechanic product to fix any cloud regardless.
The founders also say that the web app can be re-engineered to work in any public, private or hybrid cloud environment, and that the app can also be expanded to fix more problems. will continue to tweak its platform and many experts think that tools such as Finally’s will calm fears about small to medium enterprises making the transition to the cloud.