Firefox Send Comes to Android Devices

Mozilla, keeping to its promise, has finally released Firefox Send, an encrypted file-sharing service to all Android users worldwide.

It was only weeks ago the company launched the web version – after several months of testing – that allows users to send up to 2GB worth of files by simply sharing an encrypted web address. It had promised to release an Android version for testers and it had done so.

Firefox Send, now on Android, pretty much works the same way as the web browser version.

Android users can now use the app to share 1GB files fully protected by encryption, without having to create or sign in with a Firefox account.

While files stored on the phone including pictures, documents and videos can be sent, the app also permits access to any files that have been stored on cloud accounts like Google Drive and Dropbox that have been synced to the device.

Once the files have been selected, a link will appear which allows the user to manually share it anywhere or a share button on the next screen that allows users to share the link to numerous apps including Slack, Gmail, and Twitter.

Users without a Firefox account will encounter some limitations: their recipient would only be allowed to download from a link only once, with the link expiring in 24 hours. Whereas, registered Firefox users will have access to a file size limit of 2GB to be downloaded within a time range of 5 minutes to 1 week.

While other similar service exists, Mozilla is pitching the Firefox Send as an ephemeral, privacy-focused alternative, with end-to-end encryption and granular controls.

It is unclear if the service will be coming to iOS users as an app. Mozilla had stated that it would review usage for the service on Android and determine if there would be an iOS launch.

Albeit, iPad and iPhone users can simply go to the mobile site to use the service.