FireHost Rebrands as Armor to Deliver Managed Secure Private Cloud

FireHost has announced that it has changed its name to Armor. FireHost is known for providing secure virtual cloud solutions for organizations wanting to expand their infrastructure. FireHost mentions that it has rebranded itself into its new name Armor in order to provide a better overall experience for those seeking managed cloud services.
The change of FireHost’s name to Armor came about as a FireHost gathered intelligence on what its customers were accomplishing from a cloud security perspective. Armor began noticing that the security aspect of virtual private cloud was one dimensional, making it difficult for unmanaged cloud solutions to get the proper security best practices applied to them.
The rebranding of FireHost to Armor represents a new way of doing virtual private cloud. Armor mentions that its commitment lies with focusing on threat intelligence, advanced technologies and the talented professionals that work behind the scenes to keep your cloud safe and secure.
Armor will be providing two managed virtual cloud solutions. These solutions are called CORE and CORE+. These products gives organizations a layer of security, which help protect your virtual private cloud investment.
In addition to the changes, a press release from Armor says, “The industry-leading FireHost VPC is now known as Armor Complete — a fully integrated secure managed cloud, which delivers security, support and high-performance infrastructure via a single solution. Easily exceeding the strictest compliance requirements like PCI, HIPAA and HITRUST, Armor Complete continues its reputation as the world’s most secure managed cloud.”
The difference between Armor and other solutions is that Armor provides true security outcomes whereas other providers simply provide you with the tools to monitor security events. Armor mentions that the industry average for an exploit to be found is 205 days. Armor says that its dwell times are consistently 100 times less than the average.
“The announcement of Armor is in direct response to today’s threat landscape and the logical evolution for our company to stand between our customers and the threats that seek to disrupt their businesses,” says Chris Drake, CEO of Armor.