FireLayers Securing Cloud Software

With the growing trend of employees being carelessly app-happy, Cloud security concerns have become a top priority of late for every business using Cloud Computing. Many people are shockingly unaware of the critical security threats they are exposing their business to when installing seemingly innocent applications.

As a result of this, a multitude of companies are scrambling to become the face of cloud security, especially with the recent success of the initial batch of providers including: Bitglass, CloudLock and Elastica.  FireLayers are now the most recent startup to join this trend. They provide strategic security solutions that empower CIOs and CISOs to control and protect cloud application usage and data. This allows businesses to be proactive in protecting their data, as opposed to the scrambling for damage control that has happened until now.

Firelayers services include securing computer and mobile applications from various types of threats including dackdoors, data and identity theft, and other security breaches. Other features include customizing rules for popular office centered applications such as Workday, NetSuite, Salesforce, and Microsoft Office 365.

Co-founder and CEO Yair Grindlinger said, “SkyHigh Networks and Netskope are targeting the same market (cloud application control), and dealing with similar challenges, but they do so differently than we do. We believe that the emphasis needs to be on proactive security and compliance controls – they’re focus on reports and give “black box security”, almost one size fits all. Organizations are not looking for more reports, nor can they rely on “black box” security. They want a strategic policy based platform that will allow them to reclaim and expand their IT governance over cloud applications to obtain the necessary security and compliance levels.”

FireLayers is entirely funded by YL Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in cyber security, cloud computing, big data and Saas businesses.