Flexiant's New Backup as a Service Offering Utilizes Acronis Backup Cloud

Image Attribution: Flickr

Flexiant helps organizations by providing cloud orchestration products. Flexiant has recently implemented the Acronis Backup Cloud within its Cloud Orchestrator platform. With just a few clicks, organizations can obtain peace of mind knowing that all of their data is backed up securely within the Acronis Backup Cloud.
It’s important to note that many small businesses do not have sufficient data backups in case of a disaster. In fact, an IDC study mentions that upwards of 70% of SMBs are currently underprepared in terms of having procedures in place for their critical data. Flexiant says that its Cloud Orchestrator can help service providers add value to their services by offering the Acronis Backup Cloud as a service using the popular pay-as-you-go method.
The Acronis Backup Cloud is quickly becoming a popular backup solution for small businesses. Acronis affords organizations that ability to backup a broad range of infrastructures including:

  • XEN
  • KVM
  • Linux
  • Virtuozzo
  • Docker
  • Open-Xchange
  • MySQL

Since Flexiant and Acronis utilize the built-in automations of the Cloud Orchestrator, businesses can implement backup services almost effortlessly. Customers can be provided with a self-service portal which allows them to design a backup strategy that fits their organization’s needs.
When users sign up for the Acronis Backup Cloud, all of the tools needed to facilitate thier backup processes are automatically loaded onto the customer’s virtual machines, making the actual deployment of the backup agent simple and painless.
“As the IaaS market becomes more commoditized, the ability to seamlessly extend cloud services to include BaaS is a key advantage as it empowers service providers to differentiate against the competition and delivers new revenue streams,” says Jim Foley, the Senior Vice President of Market Development at Flexiant.
“We chose Acronis as a leading backup solution for service providers. The Flexiant and Acronis integration offers BaaS seamlessly through a single UI, with consolidated billing and will allow us to easily deliver new data protection services via the Flexiant platform in the future,” adds Foley.
Service integrators and value added resellers that want to know more about the recent integration of Acronis within Cloud Orchestrator can find more info at the Flexiant Marketplace.