Fluke Networks Gives “TruView” Capabilities into Cloud Services Worldwide

Image Attribution: Flickr

As businesses of all sizes begin to adapt cloud solutions within their environments, if one of these cloud services goes down, knowing sooner rather than later can prevent embarrassment and save unwanted downtime. As CloudWedge has reported in the past, downtime can cost organizations up to $7,900 per minute.
Fluke Networks has released a SaaS offering called TruView that monitors all of the major cloud platforms, as well as your organization’s internal cloud offerings.
Real time analytics can be a game changer for IT organizations, managed service providers or value added resellers. A study conducted by the Aberdeen group talks about the benefits of teams who have real time analytics in place. Aberdeen found that organizations with real time analytics monitoring are:

  • 270% more likely mitigate a network issue before end users see the impact
  • 225% more likely to encounter error free transactions
  • 460% more likely to not receive negative feedback about network issues
  • 250% more likely to have a better functioning network than organizations that do not use real time analytics

Within TruView, administrators can get rapid alerts on any sort of outage whether it relates to cloud infrastructure, internal SharePoint websites and even external websites. This allows administrators to isolate problems more quickly, preventing downtime within a specific app or cloud service.
For example, TruView can monitor your Office 365 deployment, telling administrators immediately if there’s a problem. TruView goes one step further and tells you if these issues are relegated to a specific region, such East coast, West coast or somewhere else in the world.
Fluke Networks claims that TruView can be setup within minutes. Within TruView, network administrators can monitor end to end performance and availability. The robust platform provides alerting on an issue, which gives administrators time to react before your end users submit a help request.
TruView allows organizations to isolate problems as soon as they appear on the alert dashboard, allowing teams to focus on the specific issue at hand rather than spending time to figure out exactly where the issue lies in the first place.
With these functionalities, TruView gives organizations the ability to produce reports on their SaaS products, allowing management and decision makers to get a report on the actual uptime and SLA compliance within their environments.
If you’re interested in TruView for your organization, a free trial is currently available.