Foresight Secures Your Website Using The Cloud

DDoS, defacement, and malware attacks are all legitimate concerns for those who operate cloud webservers. If your website has received any type of significant web traffic, it may be a good idea to audit your cloud’s security. Traditional methods of cloud webserver security require an experienced IT staff that understands the ins and outs of what hackers are trying to accomplish. Although the cloud has provided significant technological advances, with the good also comes the bad. Hackers have also adapted to using cloud resources that can be used to launch DDoS, brute force and zero-day attacks against your cloud. In the past, hackers had to create botnets by attacking unprotected personal computers. With the cloud, a hacker can steal a credit card, sign up for multiple cloud services and instruct the army of virtual machines to do damage.

Nimrod Luria, the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Foresight, has introduced one-sized fits all approach to cloud security. Mr. Luria was recently quoted in a press release in regards to his new company’s new product Foresight-AIR. Luria mentions, “Foresight transforms the website security paradigm by providing a combination of an enhanced web application firewall and DDoS mitigation, protecting sites from a broad spectrum of attacks.”

How does Foresight Work?

The press release on BusinessWire went on to say that “Current approaches to website security rely heavily on manual configuration and are prone to human error and breaches. Foresight minimizes the attack surface and eliminates maintenance of thousands of Whitelist rules, making it easier to ramp, operate and maintain than traditional Whitelist or Blacklist WAFs. Even the most complex websites can be fully protected within three days. Foresight ensures zero downtime—even when a website is under attack, new features are being added, or application changes are being implemented.”

If you haven’t taken the proper precautions to protect your web facing properties, the time to act is now because the damage could be devastating. One of the biggest nightmares for entrepreneurs is to launch an expensive ad campaign only to find the website to be inaccessible. Don’t think this can happen to you? Think again. Your website is the target that hackers are looking for. Think of products like Foresight-AIR as an insurance policy for your cloud.