Foresite Announces The Release Of A New Tool As A Complement To Its Provision Platform

With the constantly increasing rate of cyber threats that keeps posing a lot of companies with risks, there has been an equally increasing demand in the cyber insurance market. For companies that provides cyber security services, it is therefore very important that they boost their solution provision level to add more value to the previous solution provided and as such increasing the state of peace of mind of their clients.

With a pre-existing service platform such as provision, which is known as the service software platform for the Foresite state of the art managed security services, Foresite has always strategically addressed the issue of cyber threats. However, the new addition provide of the cyber insurance offerings creates a newer avenue to provide a more universal approach to directly address the events of cyber activities and risk lifecycles.

Some of the services offered with the use of this newly launched too is to include a very critical and intrinsic cyber theft management, rapid response to manage cases of cyber threats, an all- round- clock available line with access to attorneys, legal backing in cases of actual cyber theft and also provision of forensics if needed.

The president of Foresite speaks on how it has been realized that most organizations do not have cyber coverages making them an easy prey for cyber theft. He also noted that the cost effective coverage of this platform makes it one that is useful to both small and even larger organizations.

Foresite is a worldwide acknowledged organization that specializes in helping other businesses to manage their security issues majorly through cyber consulting and compliance services. With a great deal of focus on satisfying its clients by protecting them and their information, Foresite has experts that also empower these other business with proactive means to recognize, react and recover from cyber- attacks.