Former Google CEO to Join OTOY as Advisor

OTOY is a cloud service provider that hopes to provide rendering technology that works within a browser. Simply put, the last bastion of the personal computer is the high graphics performance. Developers of cloud infrastructure have struggled trying to incorporate high graphics performance into cloud based applications with little success. OTOY has a vision to change that. In OTOY’s world, the hardcore gamer or the business analyst who needs multiple video cards to handle high performance graphics will be a thing of the past because OTOY hopes to emulate this at the cloud level instead of it being rendered by video cards and GPUs at the client level.

Eric Schmidt is the former CEO of Google and about 6 years ago, Schmidt made the comment to the New York Times that 90% of computing will be done in the web based cloud. Schmidt followed up on that statement saying that OTOY represented the final 10% of that movement because cloud based high-end graphics has been something cloud providers have struggled to incorporate.
Alissa Grainger, who is president and co-founder of OTOY, recently commented on the addition of Schmidt taking a spot on the advisory board. She hopes that his addition will “Grow OTOY and enter the commercial phase of our business.” Schmidt isn’t the only high profile tech titan on the advisory board of OTOY. Sam Palmisano, the former CEO of IBM, is also on the advisory board as well as Irving Wladawsky-Berger who has also held executive positions at IBM.
OTOY has championed its Octane Render technology as a way to run any application on any device regardless of the graphical requirement. OTOY has been a work in progress for quite some time because the company has been releasing information about its ambitions since 2008. Many technical analysts are excited to see the Octane Render technology in action once it’s released to the general public.