Fourth Award for Lattice senseAI

At the recent Electronics Industry Awards in London, innovative Lattice senseAI received its fourth award and was named Internet of Things (IoT) product of the year. Lattice is known for its host of low power programmable solutions. The latest release, senseAI, is a dedicated stack that provides software tools, custom design services, network IP cores, all with the goal of integrating adaptable machine learning into a wide range of IoT devices and programs.

Lattice senseAI can be used in the industrial, manufacturing, automotive, and engineering fields, all with exciting and innovative results. Allowing for seamless edge computing implementation across a host of IoT products, the low-power consumption creates an agile edge network environment designed to help businesses succeed.

The top IoT product of the year award saw some tough competition from some of today’s industry leaders. Senior marketing executive Deepak Boppana was thrilled to receive the award at the Electronics Industry Awards, saying, “We are delighted that senseAI has received the accolade of the Electronics Industry Award’s IoT Product of the Year. Since its introduction, market response to senseAI has been extremely favorable – designers have recognized the advantages of adding low power, flexible AI support to Edge devices, which minimizes the need to send data to the cloud for processing, thereby lowering costs.”

With new updates released that secured senseAI’s fourth award, Lattice is helping businesses establish and deploy FPGA-based AI solutions. The product has virtually limitless customization and application options, which is what helped Lattice senseAI beat out the competition to win this prestigious award.

Lattice is a leading edge and cloud computing developer, offering a wide range of products that assist with communications, edge computing, development, AI, and so much more in a wide range of markets. This latest award is yet another benchmark that shows just how innovative senseAI can be.