Fujitsu & Ayla Networks Team Up for Cloud Controlled HVAC Systems

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Ever heard of the smart air conditioner? You have now.
To further its smart home initiatives, Fujitsu has been working with Ayla Networks in order to use their IoT devices as a means of giving homeowners the ability to get real time data from their air conditioning systems
Fujitsu has announced that it has used Ayla’s IoT technology to enhance the RLS3Y lineup of ductless mini-split air conditioning products. The RLS3Y can be used in residential and light commercial settings.
Fujitsu says that the product will be unveiled during the AHR Expo, which is happening from January 25th through January 27th.
“Ayla is providing Fujitsu General with IoT technology to create and launch a line of connected mini-split systems that will be connected through the Ayla Networks cloud service,” mentions David Friedman, the CEO and co-founder of Ayla Networks.
“By using the Ayla software agent, Fujitsu General mini-split systems will automatically and securely connect to the Ayla cloud service. As a result, Fujitsu General will be able to collect data from their systems that will enable them to provide enhanced remote management of their customers’ heating and cooling systems’ operation,” Friedman added.
Homeowners who are striving to achieve maximum efficiency in their homes will definitely want to check out the new cloud connected air conditioning units. Fujitsu and Ayla say that this product can be implemented with minimal costs, time and effort.
Fujitsu has said that they are using Ayla’s Agile Mobile Application Platform to provide homeowners with an intuitive method of gaining advanced analytics on the HVAC system within their home.
Fujitsu says that homeowners can control their thermostats from anywhere in the world using Ayla’s cloud services. All a user must do is tap, swipe and input the correct values into the mobile app and the homeowners’ air conditioning unit will reset to whatever temperature you decide is best for your family.