Fujitsu Biometric Comparison Tech Viable in Open Networks

Japanese tech firm Fujitsu has developed a method of comparing biometric information through an open network while still keeping it safe. The biometric data is encrypted and sent to the server where it compares with the local database copy without having the decrypt the original data packet. Encrypted biometric data keeps the system secure. While there are existing systems in place that do the same with encrypted biometric data, Fujitsu’s method is faster and more reliable than any other which currently exists for the same purpose.

One of the potential applications the company is looking into is implementing it into a payment system that utilizes biometrics to function. Transaction and biometric data can be transmitted at the same time, with the biometric system going through its own verification check. If the system is fast enough, the application as a payment processing methodology may be sound.

Rapid Development of Biometric Authentication

The tech world has long been familiar with how unique an individual is and how secure biometric authentication could be. Implementing biometric authentication as a system has gone through many iterations.

Current technology that allows users to unlock their phone or laptop with fingerprints is one of the results of this biometric authentication research. However, users of these systems attest they don’t always work the way that the user expects them to. Additionally, these systems don’t work well for network-based authentication because of the complexity of the data involved. Authentication systems based on biometrics would take too long to return a positive or negative result.

Fujitsu has involved itself in trying to solve this problem. In 2018 the company announced a combination system that used both palm-vein authentication and facial recognition as biometric data for verification. The grand plan the company is aiming for is to incorporate biometrics into a broader range of applications, from financial to client login information for member websites.