Fujitsu Targets Retailers with Speedy Sparc M10 Cloud Servers

Image Attribution: Flickr

Organizations like Facebook have taken the low-end cloud server approach in rolling out their infrastructure. If you log into your AWS account or Azure account, you’ll notice that many of the virtual machines that you can spin up are typically those with low end architectures. Where do businesses such as big box retailers go when they want more horsepower for their cloud deployments?
While high performance cloud computing certainly exists, some organizations may want to spin up instances on a Sparc M10 server that is now being provided by Fujitsu. With Fujitsu entering the high performance cloud market, the vendor looks to win over cloud business from retail outfits who need powerful servers to run their workloads.
Today, Fujitsu has announced that they have unveiled their new cloud service that centers around the deployment of Space M10 servers. With Fujitsu’s new managed cloud service, businesses can try Sparc M10 servers before they buy them.
Since these boxes are built using the SPARC64 X+ processors from Fujitsu, these Unix systems are able to hold more memory which can translate into holding larger data sets for organizations who would like to run some sort of analytics platform on top of this infrastructure.
“No matter the workload, our servers can scale,” says Ferhat Hatay, senior manager for strategy at Fujitsu. “AWS and EC2 don’t always provide the performance you need,” added Hatay.
One of the things that makes this possible is technology called Tonomi, that allows large businesses to autonomically manage cloud applications. Grid Dynamics acquired Tonomi (formerly known as Qubell) in August 2015.
The platform also gives organizations the ability to build apps in-house and push them out to Fujitsu’s managed cloud platform for testing. While pricing hasn’t been set for these services yet, Fujitsu says that its managed Space M10 servers can be purchased on a monthly contract in North America.