Fujitsu to Aggressively Pursue Cloud Mergers & Acquisitions

Fujitsu has just announced that it has purchased the popular French cloud provider, UShareSoft, in a bid to bolster Fujitsu’s European cloud offerings.
UShareSoft is headquartered in Grenoble, France, giving the business a good geographic base for tackling cloud sales in Europe. In fact, Fujitsu has announced that UShareSoft’s campus will also host the European R&D facility for Fujitsu’s cloud endeavors.
Fujitsu has made it clear that its path to cloud dominance will likely occur by purchasing the assets of startup companies and spinning them off to their existing customers.
“It’s clear to me that we have to acquire more software assets [which are] vertically oriented in the way they deploy solutions and bring them inside Fujitsu,” says Duncan Tait, Fujitsu’s head of EMEIA.
“The acquisition of UShareSoft that we announced today and the acquisition of ACT (Applied Card Technologies) would give you a good indication of the intellectual property and software assets we are looking to acquire and deploy into these vertical markets,” Tait added.
Fujitsu has become candid about its intentions of buying out cloud businesses and bringing them under the Fujitsu brand. As far as Fujitsu’s acquisition of UShareSoft is concerned, a dollar amount for the acquisition was not announced.
Fujitsu looks to integrate UShareSoft’s primary app into its Fujitsu Cloud Service K5, to add extra features and functionalities into Fujitsu’s cloud platform.
“Moreover, we expect that co-operation between UShareSoft and Fujitsu group companies in Europe conducting business relating to software and the cloud, primarily Fujitsu Enabling Software Technology GmbH and Fujitsu RunMyProcess SAS, will raise our profile in the global cloud market,” Tait concluded.
With Fujitsu being so aggressive in wanting to buy out cloud companies, it will be interesting to see who Fujitsu buys out next.