Fusionex Technology To Aid Sales At FPX 2019

Fusionex is an award winning data technology provider on multiple counts. The company focuses on specific areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data and IR 4.0. Known for its customer focused services, the company has features in several platforms including Forbes, Bloomberg, Gartner, Etc.

This company was selected to spearhead the event of sales at the FPX #MYCYBERSALE 2019. The sales is one that offers shoppers with exclusive discounted products that are available only during the sales period. It is directed at increasing the growth and awareness of the national e-commerce industry while also increase revenue generation.  

The event is an annual one organized by The National Technology Association of Malaysia and also supported by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation(MDEC). The event is set to hold in Malaysia from September 27 to October 3. Alongside the annual event, there is also a deliberate shift in focus to include the Asian economies; specifically, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan. As such, there will be another event to hold concomitantly in Taiwan; which is the first regional partner, tagged the #MYCYBERSALEASIA.

Another partner of the sales event is the Title Partner Paynet, which is an online payment provider. There is an estimated revenue generation of about RM500 million with expenditure expectation set at about RM80 million. The event is expected to have about 1500 registered participants, including about 750 exporting business participants.

According to the founder and group CEO of Fusionex Technology, Dato’ Seri Ivan Teh, the buzz surrounding this year’s FPX #MYCYBERSALE2019 and also the #MYCYBERSPACEASIA is very encouraging and it is hoped that is it will be channeled into ensuring that the events are a success. The use of the Fusionex Technological platform is such that it can be leveraged on by businesses to thrive in the e-commerce industry.