G2 Crowns Best Software Companies in EMEA according to Ratings by Users

G 2 , the global user review site which assists businesses in making wiser buying decisions, today started out its list of first Best Software Companies in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

The list was compiled to commemorate the launch of G2’s first international office in London. It took over 66,000 user reviews of software products on the G2 platform into consideration  (for the ranking) and checked out about 900 companies with their coverage in the EMEA region. It picks out the best EMEA-based companies as chosen by reviewers from around the globe.

The top ten software companies within the EMEA region are:








Sage Software


MOO Inc.

The scoring for G2’s Best Software Companies in EMEA list is done making use of G2’s proprietary algorithms for market presence and customer satisfaction.  

Having 750,000+ user reviews, 80,000+ products as well as 1,600+ tech and service categories, G2 is the world’s biggest B2B technology marketplace. From the time of its founding, G2 has catered to a global audience of software providers and buyers. G2 has picked out international growth as an essential priority for 2019, and for the support of their new love for international growth, the company has done well to open its first international office in London at 22 Tudor Street.

The EMEA market has been a witness to an influx of SaaS companies and for the next four years, the SaaS market is projected to experience growth at a 25 percent per year annual rate in Europe only.

Seeing its most recent established global presence, G2 is aimed at serving its vendor and buyer communities around the world in a better way– and most especially, those that see G2 as a trusted partner.

As for European SaaS platforms as well as services vendors, G2 will have its focus on the provision of local support and services, strengthening customer advocacy within the EMEA region, and taking advantage of the growth of peer review adoption by European buyers.

Simultaneous with G2’s expansion, the company has made Henrique Aragao the VP & General Manager, EMEA to manage the London office.

For the full list of G2’s top-ranked companies, according to the ratings by users as well as additional categories for its Best Software Companies in EMEA list, visit g2.com/emea