Gartner Acknowledges Optiv Security as Largest Growth In Revenue Provision

Gartner recently released its June 2019 market share analysis for managed security services worldwide report. This report recognizes Optiv Security as the largest global growth for managed security service provider revenue.

Optiv Security is a known organization which specializes in providing security solutions with regards to end to end cybersecurity integration across the world. The company provides its clients with a range of security service products from CCTV, Monitoring, Access Control, Perimeter Security, Intruder Detection and many more. These products range helps to protect individuals, data, assets and also infrastructure from various threats type; either internal or external.

The organization was rated with a revenue generation growth rate of about 69% from the year 2017 to 2018. This growth rate is quite massive as it places the organization at number 19 for the 2018 revenue list.

Cybersecurity threats is rapidly growing at a quite alarming rate which has placed most organizations on guard as the new incoming threats bare even more advanced than previous ones. As such, in order to protect themselves, organizations are advised to move from their normal responsive state to being even more practical and upbeat in their response.

Optiv Security recognizes this situation of things and has constantly responded to these problems by creating innovative solutions to address it. There is a focus on ensuring that clients understand the extent of the threats against them and also the best way to address these threats and their solution applications. By increasing the rate of cybersecurity for organizations, there is an improve in the operation rate of such organizations. They address these threats to the organizations by providing practical solutions such as delivering automated solutions, threat intelligence, and identity and data security.

In addressing this recent ranking release, the Vice President of the Optiv division of emerging services also announced the new launch of their Advanced Fusion Center Solutions. This new center is directed at creating more innovative security solutions for clients with complex security problems.

More specifically, the Advanced Fusion Center will assist clients to achieve various needs such as;

  • Regulating increase in technological growth: The center is designed to help clients to achieve the needed move form a random reactive state to a proactive rate. This proactive state provides clients with a more practical hand-on method to approach threats they are faced with. Methods designed also help clients to reduce time spent in achieving results.
  • Providing customized models for client’s consumption: Services provided are specially designed to suit individual client’s preferences. These models change in accordance to the client’s industrial changes.
  • Providing clients with specific indicators for performance: Part of the services provided includes specific indicators that help clients to objectively analyze their performance and growth rate in accordance with new cyber security programs. Some of these indicators include key performance indicators and also key risk indicators.