Gartner Magic Positions SentinelOne in the Visionaries Quadrant 2019 for Endpoint Protection Platforms

According to the chief executive officer and co-founder of SentinelOne, Tomer Weingarten, “we believe our position in the visionaries’ quadrant validates our steadfast approach of prioritizing innovation, we were the first to unify EPP and EDR, the first to offer a cyber- warranty and are now the first to extend artificial intelligence based device protection to IoT. As the market continues to mature, we feel that the competitive field is clearing and we are emerging as a leader.”

The released report also went further to state that leaders in the security and risk management niche who are in charge of ensuring endpoint protection are placing maximum importance of the ability of an organization to fully detect and manage advance file less threats, after which they look into the source and remedies for it. 

SentinelOne is an autonomous endpoint protection organization that provides its clients with services such as prevention, detection, response of cyber- attacks on their security platforms. They provide these services by utilizing the use of artificial intelligence to fully and quickly eliminate real- time threats to the systems on both cloud and premise functions.

SentinelOne Ranger, their developed cyber security platform, merges endpoint security with Internet of Things (IoT) discovery and enforcement, ensuring that customer’s organization are safe from future cyber- attacks that may occur. The use of their single codebase architecture without the need of connections or updates makes it a very effective platform to clients in the form of security teams and even end- users.

Customers who have previously used this platform also fully testify to the properties of the platform such as its user- friendly interface, simple policy structure, time management attribute, effective threat detection and risk management, visibility, simple installation and straightforward configuration.