G+D Mobile Security and IDEMIA to Make White Label Alliance (WLA) for Mapping Out Open Standard for Payment

Putting the global market demand for independent and standardized payment solutions into consideration, G+D Mobile Security and IDEMIA reveal their will to form the White Label Alliance (WLA) to supply a new security solution for next generation payment applications.

The solution will be on the basis of White Label EMV specifications and will allow for ready-to-deploy solutions for domestic payment schemes as well as closed-loop worldwide.

This recent alliance is in response to the growing global demand for new, next-generation independent payment solutions.

By supplying global open standards that are monitored by an independent body, the White Label Alliance (WLA) makes sure that commercial solutions are built on these specifications, allowing for innovative and competitive offerings. The White Label Alliance (WLA) is aimed at enabling ready-to-deploy solutions necessary for domestic payment schemes and closed-loop worldwide.

On the basis of the EMV standard, the White Label Alliance (WLA) solution allows for scalability for all technologies: for terminals, cards and mobile devices. Hence, the White Label Alliance is highly committed to open standards to make sure there is additional value for the payment ecosystem.

As a result of this, the White Label Alliance (WLA) initiative encourages an ecosystem that strengthens innovations and competitive offerings, using a worldwide standard as a basis.

As the owner of the specifications, the White Label Alliance (WLA) will work on future-proof evolution of the solution, being in line with demands of the members. In a bid to expand the network and grow accessible payment schemes, the White Label Alliance (WLA) invites every interested payment stakeholders to join.

Head of Financial Services Solutions at G+D Mobile Security, Gabriele Bugat, reported that the close cooperation of companies including Mobile Security and IDEMIA within the framework of the new alliance showcases the effort to define new open payment specifications that benefit all end users on the overall.